Friday, September 4, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle Picture Generator

Jigsaw puzzle is one of the nicest gift you can consider to give for your friend. Have you ever thought of making a jigsaw puzzle for your friend's birthday? Well, that's a bit difficult if you want to make the real jigsaw puzzle. But it's not difficult if what you want is just a puzzle-like picture.

To make a picture with puzzle effect, you can use Photoshop. But learning Photoshop is not that easy if you are a beginner.

There's an easier way. What's that? Just use online puzzle picture generator. Where should I start?
1. Click here to visit Caption.IT.
2. Upload the picture.
3. Add your own text.
4. Click CREATE.
5. Right click the picture and Save it.
And you're done. You can then print the puzzle picture and send it for gift.