Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Remote Control Air Swimming Angry Birds Toy

What do you think is the best gift to "say sorry", "wedding proposal" and "help reduce the stress of your beloved one"? I think such gift should be fresh idea followed by great surprises and with lots of touching words.

I suddenly found a great product online which you may buy it for "wedding proposal" or "just for greetings" for someone very special. The product is called "Remote Control Air Swimming Angry Birds Toy". This one is actually similar to air balloon which can convey a message to some by the way it floats in the air. But what makes it special is that you can control it with a remote control while it's floating in the air.

I think you can follow my suggestions below.

1. Surprise for wedding proposal
It's quite simple to use it for simple yet wonderful wedding proposal surprise. Tie your proposal message to the Angry Bird, and then control it to float up to the place of your beloved one. When it's floating and your wife-to-be sees it, she probably will be amazed by such way of proposal. You may also tie up a wedding ring which you have bought for the proposal. It's a simple yet surprising way to express your proposal. This method can also be used for similar uses like "first date", "valentine's day", etc.

2. An unusual way to express your apology.
This one is so special that you can use to say "I am so sorry" for someone. We know that angry bird contains the word "angry" so that you can use it together with such words "Don't get angry with me... Please forgive me..." It's a very good to say sorry with this special and surprising way.

3. Birthday gift for your children.
Your children will love this angry bird gift. It's quite unusual and very fun gift. Floating object with remote control. Your children will have lots of fun with such angry bird toy.

Well, I think that's enough for my gift idea. I hope you will like my gift idea and keep on following my blog. I will keep on posting good gift idea when I find any great ideas for gift.