Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bandai Magic Pet - Blue Jellyfish

Want to find a unique and special gift for children? Well, Bandai has released a new toy called Magic Jellyfish Pet. This toy is very unique because when you put it into a bottle filled with water, it will swim down and up and sometimes it will also spin around or dance. The Magic Pet comes in 2 color, red and blue. Here's a video from youtube.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Running Alarm Clock

Want to give a special gift for a lazy friend? I mean lazy to wake up. Well, you will directly think of giving an Alarm Clock. Nothing works better than it.

There's a kind of unique alarm clock which can wake you up by running here and there. It also rings very loudly. You'll then have to get up and chase it to turn it off. This is a funny thing if you do it every morning. This alarm clock also comes with Snooze feature. You also don't have to worry that you can't see the time in the dark. It has bright-enough LED to let you see the time clearly. Let's see the video...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand

Now, I'm going to introduce you a magic science toy. You can buy it for your dearest children to play. It can be used to perform magic. This toy is called "Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand". At a glance, it seems like an ordinary wand. But you can use it to perform levitation magic. This wand comes with three mylar shapes which you can make it float in the air. You can also charge your body and levitate the shapes. If you are interested, you can buy it at:

Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand Video

Mini Pet Cactus

Bored of giving ordinary gifts? Want to find something unique? Let me introduce you a very unique gift for plant lovers. It's Mini Pet Cactus. It's a very nice gift that can accompany someone anywhere he/she goes. It can be used as mobile accessories or bag accessories. This mini cactus is very convenient to keep, cause you don't need to give any fertilizer. What it needs is your care and sunlight. Bring it along with you anytime.

The mini pet cactus is firmly sealed in the small bottle together with the magic blue gel, which gives it nutrition. So, don't worry about it too much. Just remember to give it sunlight.You can buy it at Thinkgeek.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Surprise Gift with a Balloon

Do you always want to add surprise into the gift that you send out? Sometimes you need to think for a surprise. Browsing through the internet is a way of getting new idea of giving surprises. You can put a little surprise in your gift box.

Well, I have thought it long ago for a surprise gift. It's very simple though. You need a balloon which is filled with hydrogen gas so that it can fly when you don't hold it. Fill the balloon with gas and then tie it with a card (i.e. birthday card or whatever card you want according to the occasion). Why do we need to tie the balloon to a card? I bet you can guess what I'm gonna tell you.

After finishing the balloon and the card, all you have to do is to put it in a box. Of course put your real gift into the box first. Hold the gift with adhesive tape, so that it won't move inside the box. Then put the balloon with card into the box. Close the box.

Now, you should know what I mean. When the receiver opens up the box, the balloon will fly out of the box and the card will be seen later. Make sure that it doesn't fly up to the sky or you'll cry. Ha... ha... ha...
I believe this is a little surprise to the one who receives the gift. Remember that the air inside the balloon will vanish slowly, so make sure that it won't take too long for the gift to reach the receiver's hand. It's always better to pass the gift personally, so you can see the surprise expression from the face. Surprise oh surprise!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mini Whack-a-Mouse

Have you ever played Whack-a-Mouse classic game? This kind of game can usually be played at amusement park or at arcade. It's actually a classic game. How is the game played? You use a hammer and hit the mouse that comes out from the hole. It seems that the mouse is playing hide-and-seek with you when you are playing it. Not so difficult to play. But to win the game it's always getting harder from one level to another because the speed is getting faster too.

Many years ago, people used to play this kind of game in the arcade. But nowadays, the game creator has created a mini type of "Whack-a-Mouse". Have you ever played the mini one? Well, I have found a video on youtube, showing you how to play it. You just need to play it by pressing the button with light on. It's quite fun to play and very suitable for children to play and also quite fun for adult to past the time. You can  buy it here:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Kitty USB fan

Have you ever looked for a gift for a friend who always works in a warm place where the room is only equipped with fan and no air-conditioning system. And also for one who uses laptop for her job? And coincidentally she is also a Hello Kitty stuffs collector?

Well, if you really want to give a special gift for someone like I mentioned above, you can consider giving Hello Kitty USB fan. The fan is actually quite simple, but if you truly give it to someone who likes it and also one in need, it will become a nice gift indeed. Why? I think this is closely related to her daily job, which is using laptop almost all the time. When she feels stressed, she can have a glance at the funny Hello Kitty fan while taking a rest. Since it’s a fan, it probably gives out a breeze even thought it can’t take over the role of an air-con. Anyway the USB powered fan works best cause it sticks closely to the laptop.

You probably will say that one whose daily job is computer job, is impossible to work in a non air-conditioned room. But this is possible though, where the place is outside the office, like when meeting a client outdoor. Or perhaps when working in a store room. Anyway this is only my gift suggestion.

As far as I have ever seen, there are also Doraemon USB fan, besides Hello Kitty one. USB fans have become so common as a computer accessory.

Tips for giving Solar Dolls as gifts

Solar doll is a very nice gift to be given as gift for collection. Do you know why Solar Doll is so popular? I think it’s because it’s so simple yet giving us a relaxing feeling when watching at it moving or shaking.

The moment when you see it, you will probably smile at it. That’s what I feel, when I first saw a solar doll, which is a Hello Kitty solar doll. There are so many kinds of solar doll on the internet where you can choose your own favorite cartoon character. The Chinese Lucky Cat is also a kind of solar doll, which it waves its hand at you.

Different solar doll also gives different feeling to different people. That’s a matter of preference. For example, if you give a Chinese Lucky Cat solar doll to a business partner, that’s suits more than giving a Hello Kitty solar doll (unless your business partner is one who loves Hello Kitty).

I have also ever seen a solar doll which is “The Hello Kitty reading a book while sitting on a toilet bowl”. This one seems quite cute to me. I suddenly thought that it would be nice to give it to students who have achieve good results in studies. Cute yet meaningful.

When buying a solar doll, you should also consider whether it works (shakes or moves) perfectly. Paying a little attention at the speed it moves. Compare the speed from one doll to another. If possible (on buying), putting it under sunlight to see whether it works normally. Try also under fluorescent light. This will tell you how normal it will work when the gift receiver place it at different place.

If the solar doll has a lock, remember to lock it when moving it to avoid any undesirable condition when sending the gift. Like a computer flatbed scanner, it probably has that kind of lock notch. Look for it. If it doesn’t have the lock, you should also see whether the plastic that cover it, is firmly attached. This is to avoid the gift dropped when the hold the plastic cover.

That’s all my tips about buying a solar doll for gift.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to easily create your own perfume from flowers? (video)

The following video is about making perfume from flowers with simple steps. The tips given are quite easy to follow. You probably never know about it before. Flower petals and "Ever Clear" (a kind of scented alcohol) are mixed together in a jar. Let's watch the video.

DIY Gift Package - Books for learning gift boxes

Are you looking for tutorial that teaches you how to make gift boxes? Well, I was also looking for this just now. I found a link to this need. Perhaps you can also buy it to learn how to make gift boxes. No more simple boxes. If you have learned about 3D shaped boxes, and created it from the template, you can use it to store the gift you want to send. Click here for the link.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Furochic Bouquet Wrapping (video)

This is a nice video on wrapping flower. Very easy to learn and the result is so nice. Using cloth to wrap flowers is also environment-friendly. This is because it can be used to rewrap, so no more wasted paper or plastic.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tips for giving a girl perfume as gift

Perfume is a nice gift whether for men or women. But some sensitive person, especially those who has body odour will think that you despise him/her when you give perfume. On the other hand, they probably think that you care for them cause you give them something to solve their problem.

If you intend to give a girl some kind of perfume, you can consider the following tips:

Tip #1
Buy perfume that she usually uses, it's better to get to know what kind of perfume she uses. If you get the name of the perfume for example 212 that she uses, make sure you get the whole name of the perfume,  cause perfume like 212 has not only one kind. There are: 212, 212 on ice orange, 212 on ice pink, 212 H2O.


Tip #2
If she also likes cartoon character like Hello Kitty, you can go searching for "Hello Kitty Perfume". This will give her deeper impression that you really care about her. You can also find Hello Kitty Perfume at

Tip #3
If the girl who will receive your gift is a Chinese, you probably can find perfume that suits her name in English. Or perfume of which part of the perfume name is her name. Let me give an example to make you understand.
If the girl's name has a Chinese character like 甜 ("tien", meaning "sweet"), you can buy her "Sweet Love" perfume as gift or if coincidentally her name is Lily, you can just directly give "Lily Sweet" which contain both her Chinese and English name. If not just pretend that the "sweet" symbolizes that she is sweet.

Tip #4
Find out her favorite celebrity, there are also perfume that contains celebrity names. We call this kind of perfume "celebrity-endorsed perfume". Some people are crazy about this kind of perfume.

The following sites probably help you to find perfume you need for gift.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Box making machine in a factory

Have you ever wondered how a machine make boxes? You probably know about box making DIY, but never see box making with machine. While searching for gift boxes on the internet, I found this video. Let's watch it.